Optivisors are binocular magnifiers which are mounted on padded headbands and offer the user the ability to examine objects under various levels of magnification without the hindrance of holding a magnifying device.
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Volk Lenses

Advanced Double Aspheric designs, exclusive to Volk, provide clear fundus imaging and precise laser beam transmission. Only top quality GLASS is used in Volk BIO lenses, providing long lasting and superior optical quality.
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Keeler Loupe LED Light Source

The 3W L.E.D. is mounted coaxially on the loupe bar and is powered by a lithium battery pack giving 4 hours continuous use. The K-L.E.D. comes with two battery packs and a charging unit that can hold and charge both packs simultaneously, as well as being a convenient container to keep loupes when not in use. The K-L.E.D. can be retrofitted to all Keeler loupes.
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Surgical Loupes

Laser aligned optics for magnification of superb optical quality; a lightweight aluminium assembly and precise pupil alignment system make Keeler Loupes the perfect choice for thousands of surgical professionals.
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