CryOmega-Vet – Cryosurgery

The Cryoalfa is a highly portable, simple and effective handheld cryotherapy device for accurate treatment of skin lesions, making it ideal for general practice, and minor surgery applications. To apply the cryogenic liquid gas the dispenser tip is touched against the skin surface and activated by the finger trigger. The liquid gas travels at a mean speed of 40 m/s in a phase stable state (gaseous state) enabling cells to be destroyed accurately and safely.

  • Low treatment costs
  • Portable
  • Simple and secure handling
  • Extremely precise application, with a constant temperature of -89° C at the base of probe
  • Ergonomic design; fits in the hand like a pen
  • Effective treatment of all types of skin lesions
  • No need to handle dangerous cryogenic gases or liquids
  • Incorporates a new and improved safety design which allows easy on/off fitting of the cartridge
  • Two internal filters prevent sediment build up
  • Sterilizer tips
  • The device can be safely kept in a drawer ready for use at any time