Eidolon Bluminator

The Eidolon® BLUMINATOR® ophthalmic iluminator revolutionizes examinations of the cornea. Its lens provides an unobscured 7x image, while an LED produces an intense, spectrally pure beam of blue light, which causes foreign bodies, abrasions, and other epithelial defects to fluoresce vividly during examinations with fluorescein. Since the magnitude of the
fluorescence is proportional to both the intensity and spectral purity of the light illuminating the patient’s eye, the Bluminator’s unique LED-based design affords a clearer, more detailed view of the eye than ever before. It facilitates detection and diagnosis of corneal injuries or irregularities, streamlines contact lens fittings, and makes examination easier and more efficient. Ergonomic, battery-powered, and durable, the Bluminator is suited to al examination venues, including office, hospital, emergency room, and missions. It is an indispensable addition to the medical toolkit.