Kowa SL-19 Slit Lamp Veterinary

Sophisticated Design

  • Smooth and roundish design aimed to reduce stress and mental strain of patients.
  • Easy fitting with trigger grip and optimized grip diameter.

The lightest hand-held slit lamp

  • By incorporating glass fiber reinforced resin,the weight was reduced. The lighter device minimizes operator fatigue.

New Functions

  • Background illumination simultaneously usable with slit lamp.
  • Blue light illumination button conveniently located on handle.
  • Continuously variable slit length. (1.5-12 mm)

Longer operating time

  • Owing to an energy saving system design, the SL-19 has a continuous illumination time at maximum intensity for 360 minutes.
  • When used with 3 x AA Ni-MH batteries. (1,900 man

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