Wireless Digital Video Otoscope

Firefly DE551 is the industry’s first Wireless high precision digital video otoscope with image and video capture capabilities. It provides unprecedented accuracy in observing the ear canal. This is a powerful tool which can be used for medical training, telemedicine, EMR (Electronic Medical Records) as well as for patient education. Unlike older electronic otoscopes, DE551 delivers these breakthrough capabilities – and much more – at a highly economical cost.

  • Wireless captures pictures and video
  • Variable magnification 15x-150x (digitally) and15x-50x (optically)
  • Observes and records in real time (30 FPS)
  • Transmits within a range up to 20 feet
  • Built-in snapshot button
  • Multi-layered glass lenses
  • Rugged industrialized construction

In Use Demonstration

Screen Captures

  • Will help educate your clients, “Seeing is believing
  • Increases compliance while enhancing clinic revenue
  • Perfect to use for dental and ear exams
  • High resolution pictures and videos, at an affordable price
  • Easy to install user friendly software

Technical Detail